I’ve really been having a tough time this Christmas and holiday season.  There is nothing specific that is wrong, but more like many small things.  Things like an oven, dishwasher and dryer all breaking at the same time along with the heater.  Things like life just isn’t moving in the direction I want it to in certain areas.  But then again, does it ever?  You know how you have those days when your shoelace breaks when you’re tying it and it’s okay; and then you have those days when you drop your glass and have a mess to clean up it’s okay; but then, you have those days when both of those things happen within five minutes of each other and when you’re trying to rush out of the door because you’re late to get somewhere and that’s NOT okay ?  Well this is like that… it’s just a time just when those normal ebbs and flows of life are just ebbing and flowing a little on the down side.  I realize it’s temporary and building character in me.

Anyway, all that was really to say that I went to a meeting yesterday and everyone there was telling what their best memory of 2012 was.  I began to think through my year and I was so incredibly amazed at all God had done during 2012 in my life!  It made me so very thankful!  I couldn’t think of one specific thing that was the best and thought through so many memories that I am so thankful to have as part of my life.

During 2012, I got to lead worship for countless women’s and youth retreats, bible studies, churches, meetings, and ministry events – spoke at several ministry events – held multiple “Overcoming” events at various churches around the city – served on an event committee and on two non-profit board of directors – led my first retreat in May (and did a 2nd one with another church in October) and also did a one-day conference in South Georgia – got to travel to Kentucky, New Orleans, Alabama, New York, Tennessee, West Virginia, Alaska, El Salvador and Romania (several of these were mission trips) – had the honor to lead the trip to Romania to minister to abused young girls – participated in 7 concerts supplying volunteers and managing in the background including Winter Jam, Casting Crowns, and Jesus Culture – A highlight from 2012 was to open for Babbie Mason (thank you Shelley Hendrix for providing that opportunity) – Another highlight was to be in the studio working on my 3rd project in December with some incredibly talented and wonderful people – I’m so thankful for all of these opportunities – I will even begin 2013 in ministry by volunteering for the Passion Conference at the Dome on the 1st.

Thinking through all of these great memories made me extremely thankful.  But do you know what?  I didn’t say ANY of these things at that meeting as my favorite memory of 2012 because as thankful as I am to be able to do what I love, I’m more thankful for my family.  My ultimate highlights for 2012 involved my boys.  I was so blessed to see my son Drake lead worship in Spanish in El Salvador in May this year.  And, my son Grant served others at a youth retreat this past weekend and I’ve already gotten so many positive responses back on him.  Makes my mommy heart so thankful!  It makes having to get a new oven, dishwasher and dryer all at the same time that I have to get a furnace fixed all fade into the background!  Oh well, I might as well get new shoelaces and a new coffee cup while I’m replacing things, right?



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